This is me.

I’ve thought about restarting this blog for SO long, life just seemed to get in the way. But then I realised LIFE was what I was supposed to be writing about… Duh. So here we are! 2017, blogging is the ‘in’ thing to do at the moment – One of my very best friends writes an amazing blog, the kind that people actually read and comment on. Life Goals.

Next week is the first of May, I swear it was only just Christmas?! When you’re young and the old people say the years fly by you don’t believe it, you can’t wait to get to 16, 18, 21.. But now I’m rapidly approaching 31 I finally understand what they meant. I was literally just at school, I swear it. Quite frankly it’s scary! Am I even doing this right? Shouldn’t I be more successful by now? So many questions so little time.

I met with my boss yesterday for ‘the chat’, the one where you’re supposed to form a golden path to your chosen career and live happily ever after.  I just asked how I could get richer. Awkward. I’ve never been career orientated, I’ve sort of fallen into what I do and because I do it well I’ve always been ok. But just ‘doing well’ doesn’t get you on the property ladder, or buy you exotic holidays like the people on Instagram (who doesn’t love an Instagram comparison!!).  I think I’m going to have to think about this hard – What do I even want to do? Is this it? I can’t be the only one still winging it.

Anyway! I should tell you more about myself other than I’m 30.  I work in finance, I have a huge obsession with vintage and a huger one with the gym. Is huger even a word?  I’m also habitually single, and have been for longer than I will admit publically. Not afraid to say I am unfortunately a magnet for all types of arsehole – Married, co-habiting, gay (yes really), career criminal, ginger…. I don’t seem to have a type other than if they don’t want me, I want them.  If they are bad news, I can’t wait to read it.

No matter how many times it happens or how much I want someone to just love me god damn it, I still find it a hard lesson. Working on that bit.

Back to the gym.. I’m now heavily into diet and training, January 18th I kicked the 20 (biscuit) a day habit and haven’t looked back. The gym to me is a therapy, the kind I only used to find in cake. When I was 21 and had the circumference of a whale I used to go everyday because I had to, if I didn’t train I was going to die, but now I go because I truly love it. Bodybuilding especially – It’s addictive. So much so that what started as a ‘I’m going to see what shape I can get into’ has turned into ‘I want to get on that stage’. Progress posts are coming… Get ready!

If you’ve got this far I’ve realised I’ve written probably far more than is necessary for a first post – will aim to get the word count down on the next!








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